German Sustainability Action Days

The German Council for Sustainable Development established the German Sustainability Action Days (DAN) in 2012 on the occasion of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). Aim of the Action Days The aim of the Action Days is to enhance visibility throughout Germany of real commitment that sets an example to others, to foster public awareness of the topic of sustainability and to inspire more people to undertake a commitment to sustainability. Every individual can help change things for the better. With that in mind, the Sustainability Action Days are aimed at everyone in Germany. The more people get involved, the stronger the signal is that we can send out together with the German Sustainability Action Days. When are the Action Days and how can I register? The German Sustainability Action Days will be held from 20 September to 26 September 2020. To allow as many people as possible to participate, initiatives implemented from 18 September up to and including 08 Octobre will also be considered. Initiatives can be registered via this site from 7 March 2019 onwards. Part of the European Sustainable Development Week Since 2015 the Sustainability Action Days have been held as part of the European Sustainable Development Week, which is an initiative founded by Germany, France and Austria in which people from all over Europe can participate. In Germany, participants in the Action Days are also automatically participants in the European Sustainable Development Week. This means that without added time and effort, participants can give their activities Europe-wide visibility. You can find the most important information at a glance here: A total of 2,531 initiatives were held during the German Sustainability Action Days in 2018. The German Council for Sustainable Development is delighted with the ongoing commitment and would like to thank all participants for their hard work and creativity. You can find key figures, data and facts along with selected pictures on the “History” page (German).